Play:3 Tweeter Failure

  • 5 July 2019
  • 1 reply

So, I have two Play:3's in a room and one of them has lost it's high-end, clearly a failure of the tweeter. When I contacted SONOS support, they had me run through a few tests and came to the same conclusion, however, they offered to sell me a refurb at about $170. Not happy about it at all. I'd be willing to pay for a replacement for the tweeter, but buy a refurb?
I own several SONOS devices... including the CONNECT:AMP, 2xPlay:3, and Play:5. Obviously time to look for alternative.
Anyone else dealing with similar issues?

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1 reply

Without disassembling the unit and testing, it is not possible to determine if the tweeter driver or its amplifier or both have failed.

If you are certain that the tweeter driver has failed, you may be able to find a used unit, possibly one that has failed, assume that its tweeter driver is OK, then swap the driver with your driver.