Peloton Connection to Sonos in-house Infrastructure

  • 18 March 2021
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I see SONOS connects to multiple dozens of music and other services. 


I want the same ability to have app integration, air-play or "cast" audio from my Peloton Android bike to Sonos. The speakers that come with the bike are week. This would be a great feature and really spice up the workout experience. It would also benefit SONOS for users (and there are many like me) that want more sound when they work out. Bluetooth is not enough as I have the workout room setup with speakers through a SONOS port. I would think its best to setup like Pandora, Apple Music, Spotify and similar services.


An “airplay” type of casting to a  SONOS one would be secondary as an option here.


Summary: Connect both services, benefit tens of thousands (they have millions) of Peloton users. The benefit goes into exposure to SONOS for these new users. The byproduct is the benefit of better sound than the tiny speaker built into the bike. 

Reach out if you would like this feature added!

2 replies

Suggest to Peloton that they go to the Sonos partners page and sign up to be a Sonos partner. The more external influence that can be provided, the more likely something like this can happen.

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I would like to see the same ability / integration. I’m guessing its more on Pelotons side to add an Airplay type output to their Bike+ software. Until then, I added the Sonos Port as well, and now have fully amplified audio from the Bike+.