Overplaying your hand

  • 23 January 2020
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We have had Sonos equipment for over 10 years, starting with an amp (to power our own speakers), a bridge and Play 5.

We subsequently moved house and rather than rewire to use third party speakers we purchased 2 play 3’s.

We have been very vocal supporters of Sonos products and the system, but as the operating system has been progressively upgraded are less impressed it’s operation than we were,

This year however we decided to equip ourselves with a surround cinema system and as supporters of Sonos purchased a sub a beam and two play1’s.

Sonos now have the audacity to advise us that our first purchases are about to be made redundant through a inability for backward compatibility through the hardware not being future proofed at concept. How do we feel about this “to use a Americanism, thoroughly pissed!”

How long before the play 3’s fall victim and then the beam then the1’s?

This all smacks of Microsoft!

As enthusiasts of Sonos we cheerfully spread the gospel, all our kids have Sonos systems and a large number of our friends have also acted on our advice and bought in, even our local pub.

You have offered a trade up which forces one to submit to rendering our purchased product useless as you will switch it off (WHY?) based on a threat that the entire system MAY cease to function at an indeterminate future period. You will then proffer a credit against a further purchase this has a time intimation that if you don’t act quickly the deal will be gone and we MAY be up s,,, creek!

These pressure marketing tactics, do nothing to enhance the reputation of Sonos or US business ethos. You may well consider Sonos has been smart in using this wheeze to stimulate additional revenues and you may well have pulled it off when the competition was struggling to ape your offer, that is no longer the case the competition is closing in, this duplicity may well be the moment your halo becomes your noose. Think again Sonos, what you propose is immoral, unethical and unnecessary 


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