No more "innovation" PLEASE

  • 23 January 2020
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What incredible hubris, SONOS.  You presume I’m willing to brick and replace my gear according to your support schedule.  I thought I purchased hardware, not a software subscription service with a 30% renewal discount.  If this stands, SONOS has seen my last $.  I just want to listen to my music in multiple rooms - I won’t be lured by the prospect of features I don’t want.  You can have your voice assistants.  If changes in streaming services result in SONOS issues, that’s your problem.  Don’t tell me I have to spend more $000s for more device memory.  You’ve lost another missionary.



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2 replies

Exactly I have two play fives 4play ones connect amp and a connect and a bridge all on that list, are used to brag Sonos up!  got all my friends to Buy in and now I’m gonna hear about this!! Just put a new play bar, new Samsung TV now that won’t be able to be updated….. Wow unbelievable

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