New SONOS Port with All the features of the SONOS Amp BUT Wihout the AMP - WHY ?

  • 21 June 2020
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Let me say, that I am impressed of the new SONOS Amp, I really am, a true redesign of the Amp that has nailed it.

A great way to create to sound enviroment for your TV / Movie, much better than using the ARC and donn’t get me wrong, the ARC are amazing compared to the old playbar.

BUT there is something missing big time, it is great for TV and movie sound, but when it comes to music

it dosen’t have the power to listen to music at a decent level for rock/blues, but hat could have been solved easilyl, if SONSO Port had the exact same connections and features as the Amp, just like a decent Preamp, then I had the option to use my powerfull active floor speakers / Sub and have ALL functionallty in ONE system.

Now I have to have set up 2 systemes, one for TV / Movie and one for Music - SONOS Really ?

Come on SONOS that is a no brainer isn’t it ?

If you see the light an make it, you can could call it “SONOS Pre One” and PLEASE ad another RCA

input so it have 2, then you have made a game changer ;o)

4 replies

Hi. Do you understand what the Port is for? It converts a hifi to a Sonos streamer. The one thing it doesn't need is an amp.  That is what the Amp is for.

Yes John I know exactly what a Port is for, but you miss the point completely.

The “Port” and “Amp” do not have the same functionality.

You can not use the “Port” in a TV setup at all,


The “Port” are missing the eARC port and the abillity to make a surround setup like the “Amp” can.

So if you want a Sonos solution for your TV sound and Sonos solution for your musik where you need more “Umph” from the amplifier part, you have to have 2 systems, a “Amp”

and a “Port” system.


The low hanging fruits are, to have a “Port x” with all the inputs and functionality like the “Amp”.

Then I will be abel to have my TV and music setup in one box, with the amplifier part of my choice like a pair of active speakers and have the “Umph” I am missing today.


That is exactly the hole point.

The vast majority of receivers/amplifiers sold today already have A/V capabilities.  Why would Sonos put an HDMI port onto a unit that is sold to connect to a receiver that already has multiple HDMI inputs?  

@Hede DK .Sorry but this does not make sense to me. The Amp is already a TV and music offering in one box. I suspect that very few of Sonos' target market would think it lacked oomph. If they did, the solution would be to give the Amp more oomph. 

The Port serves a different purpose for which no amplification is needed, and which is fundamentally for music not TV.

Your suggestion isn't going to happen because it is a solution to something that for the vast majority of users isn't a problem.