My experience with ordering out-of-stock (backorder) device in EU

  • 14 February 2021
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Hi. Just wanted to share my (frustrating) experience with ordering a Sub on backorder.

  1. On 3rd of February I order a Beam and a Sub. Beam is in stock, am charged for it instantly and it gets delivered on time.
  2. Sub is put on backorder for 12th of February.
  3. On 11th of February I receive an email saying Sonos was unable to charge my card due to some issue on THEIR side. They suggest calling support.
  4. I call sales support. My previous order is cancelled. New is created on my behalf and I will now have to pay for an invoice via bank transfer. I am promised that my location in "backorder queue” will be kept and I will not need to wait for weeks+.
  5. As you can imagine, order is created - estimated delivery 19th of February (so I have lost my backorder queue, irregardless to what the sales rep said).
  6. I have to call again later that day to receive the invoice (although 1st sales rep said it'd be sent asap).
  7. I receive invoice, pay for it immediately. No email confirmation for 1 day.
  8. Next day I call again, get a confirmation that "payment received, we can release”.
  9. The order status on web page > Orders page has still not changed from "New” to "Paid” or something like that. 

Basically, be ready to get disappointed every step of the way if you order something that's out of stock at that point. And forget paying with cards in EU, since that - apparently - frequently fails, as per 2 sales reps confirming it. Pay with Paypal or something instead.

3 replies

Still waiting for the sub by the way. If anyone orders, be prepared to wait longer than 1 month I guess.

I been waiting since october last year when ever I contact them they keep saying end of the week gave up contacting them now after being given 15 different dates.

My experience was somewhat different - I live in the U.K. and pre-ordered a black Sub (gen3) on 8th of December and although I was told it would be sent out late-January 2021 - I actually got it early, in mid-January, from the Netherlands (I can’t recall exact dates), but I thought the service was excellent.

Initially a small nominal charge of £1 was reserved/showing against the bank card used, presumably to check the money was there to pay, but the card was not charged until the day the item was shipped or shortly before.

(Touch wood)… All has been fine ever since.

So I think it depends on demand/supply and by all accounts the Sub is a popular product.

Anyhow, I am more than happy with the purchase… it’s worth the wait.