Move Speaker will not play with other Sonos speakers

  • 18 October 2019
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Somehow when I setup the MOVE for internet, it hooked on to the same network as my other Sonos speakers but through what the Sonos Tech call an extender or another router which I don’t have to my knowledge.  Therefore, I can play just the Move by itself but when I group it with my other 3 Sonos speakers, it will not play with them.  I have spent over 3 hours on the phone with Sonos and they tell me to call my internet provider for a new router.  My internet provider has run all kinds of diagnostic and since they can find nothing wrong with it and it works with other devices, they will not consider a new router.  One tech did identify that maybe it was a netgear product that runs my security cameras that is acting as another router, so I unplugged it from the main router, rebooted, reset the MOve and it still will not play withy my other speakers.  So I am caught in the middle - Sonos says it is my router and My Internet provider says it cannot help with a product to call Sonos.

Anyone else ever had this problem??

3 replies

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What happens if you take one of your other 3 Sonos speakers and plug it directly into the router that you are for sure connecting to wirelessly.


In the Sonos app do the 3 sonos speakers show and the move - and you can group them (just doesn’t work)?

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Hi moodyjudy0817

Check to see if you have a guest network active. The Move may be connecting to it. If so turn off the guest network. Reboot your Move and connect to your Wi-Fi.

Where do I check to see about a guest network?