More inSided issues

  • 12 October 2017
  • 11 replies

I'm getting things that I read 2 days ago suddenly show up as "unread" threads. This wasn't the case an hour ago, when I'd cleared the whole forum, but just started around 8PM Pacific time.

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11 replies

That poor intern may have disturbed an anthill:-).
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Yeah, I noticed a topic that I had read 8 days ago appearing in my "Active since last visit", between posts that were 2 and 3 hours old... and there hadn't been any new posts in it!
I basically shut the browser down last night. Just too frustrating. I'll see if things are better now.
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Hmm... that's odd. I'll let them know to take a look. If you guys see anything else please let us know.
Just had a thread pop up that had the newest post of four days ago.

Sorry, Ryan.
Here's another one, and I definitely remember reading it, several days ago:
Here's a 2 day old one marked as "unread" in which I'm actually the last person to post. Seems like an unlikely scenario :)

Edit: I'm running in to other cases of "unread" threads in which I'm the last poster. I'm not going to post them all at this point. If someone from inSided wants to touch base with me, that's fine. This isn't an everyday thing, and I'm not going to stop reading every post in the expectation that they need the state of my account as it is in order to figure out the issue. This is, as I recall, at least the third time I've had this experience.
Happening again. Just was presented a post as "unread" that I was the last responder to, 2 days ago.
Again, this is happening. Shown this as "unread" to me at 3:18PM Pacific Time

Note that I'm the last respondant...not sure why I can have the last "unread" comment in a thread.
It's happening again today. The software is showing me some threads as "unread" when I'm the last respondent in them.
And again today. While it didn't show up earlier in the day, this just showed up as unread for me: