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  • 15 May 2019
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Hi everyone! Just wanted to share an interesting case and takeaway from the recent community changes.

Yesterday, one of our technicians was working with a user who was unable to see the replies on the community from their mobile phone. Other devices would display the replies with no problem. On mobile, they were able to access any topic and see the number of replies, however after the original post, all that would show is the footer of the site.

The user submitted screen shots and the technician was also able to reproduce the problem.

This is when the technician called me over to have a closer look.

I wasn't able to reproduce the same behavior on my mobile device, which gave us the idea of there being a problem with the browser or cached data from the previous community layout. We cleared cache and browser data and in the process, we also discovered a pop-up/content blocker (1Blocker) which also seemed to have an effect on the layout of the community.

After relaying that back to the user, it seems to be resolved.

That being said, if you are having troubles accessing replies (or any other content, for that matter) on the community, it may be a good idea to clear cache and check for any content blockers.

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1Blocker is known to have issues with Insided in its default configuration. Insided marks replies as comments in their page code, and 1Blocker has a filter that will auto-block comments by default (intended to keep comments on things like news sites from appearing). I had to add Sonos to the whitelist of 1Blocker to prevent it from getting filtered.