Mid are poor on play 5 ver 2

  • 5 April 2020
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I recently purchased a Play 5 after recommendation on net. Got a great deal from local guy.


But i find the Mids are very very poor. So i used a spectrum analyser and the sound test from youtube

Bass 10, Trebble10

Bass 0, trebble 0

Bass -10, trebble -10

Loudness is On for all 3 conditions.

The results are astonishing.

  1. Sound is not neutral
  2. Mids are very over shadow by bass, trebble is ok
    Based on youtube standard signal at about 20% volume


  3. Mid average is 25Db, compared to bass average of 20Db

5 replies

What is your 0dB reference? Which microphone are you using? Since you are not running at max Volume control setting, I’m not surprised. Have you made any runs without Loudness? Check out the equal loudness contours. Note that these contours are for an average ear and the loudness compensation designed into equipment is a simplified approximation.

Is this a Series 1 or Series 2? Are you using Trueplay?

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Describe the room you are testing in, how is it interacting with the Sonos?



Thanks for your reply


1 point i missed is that this output is only when I connect using line in. On network based music test is okay, there is a flat spectrum. 


Line in has such problem


Trueplay already configured. 

Room is about 15x15 feet bedroom

This is version 2,. In simple terms the line in is heavily skewed


1.volume is about 30% less

2.spectrum is really poor by 6 db for mid.

3. Same reason could be responsible for volume issue

Can any test with their own and validate


I am in india, notmuch Sonos here


Hi all

I like to thank all for their support. 


What the Sonos support team told me is that line in source level has to be 9 and not 10. 


Common sense to keep 10 higher than 9 but Sonos decided to keep other way. The difference of volume and poor mid is resolved.


So all Sonos play 5 version 2 owners should note


Anyway you guys are a true source of support. Great community here