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  • 19 September 2021
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Still reading through threads on this topic, is there a reason that there is not a minus on the lip sync setting in the app, from what I read many of the issues are that the audio is just ahead of the video 

We have ability to add to the delay but not back?

this should be function update I. The next firmware and app update. 


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3 replies

Sonos can’t play the source before it reaches the Sonos. The TV has to send the signal, Sonos can only play it as quickly as it is received. In order to have a ‘minus’ on the lipsync, the TV would need to send the audio as quickly as it does, but then delay the video it shows. 

Do not see this as answered?

There is known issues with some TV’s and SkyQ, tried direct connection from Sky to the soundbar and still the same, apps and direct from the TV are fine.

There is known issue with SkyQ which for over a year this has been discussed in their forums and not resolved, it would be appreciated if the function would be available to move the audio/video sync both positive and negative within the app to allow for this, as there will be many other makes of TV’s / set top boxes etc that Sonos would not be able to test all for complete compatibility.

The unit is listed and plug and play so the function should be available to adjust instead of passing this back to other equipment you connect too.

My Denon AV recover has this function so why not Sonos??

Again, it’s not possible for Sonos to “play” the sound before it receives the sound. If you want a “negative” direction on lipsync, it can’t occur in the last device in the chain, in which it is playing as quickly as it can, it needs to be upstream (either in the TV set, or the device feeding the TV set).