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  • 21 September 2021
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So I’m new to Sonos and building a new house in the next 12 months. I get alerts when someone posts and there seems to be a lot of issues.  I get it most people don’t post if things are working perfectly.  Currently looking at the Arc, gen 3 sub and 2 ceiling speakers (non Sonos) in a large room with vaulted ceiling and open concept.  Also putting 2 ceiling speakers in an adjacent screened patio.  My installer recommends a Sonos amp in the screened room and another separate amp in the family room.  This will be quite expensive when installed and does not include a new tv at that time. I want to hear about people having a similar setup or just the Arc with sub that thinks the sound is amazing. There seems to be a large group that are saying the sound is a mess and needs some kind of software update. I just want to be sure this system is worth the money. Thanks



2 replies

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I have the Arc, Sub, 2 Play:1s setup and I love it. TV audio and music in stereo sound really good. But where the Arc truly shines is with 5.1 or Dolby Atmos audio especially when watching movies or listening to music on Blu-ray. Dolby Atmos music is a pretty cool experience with the Arc. It will forever change the way you listen to music.

Be sure to get a TV equipped with HDMI eARC so you can take advantage of the Arc’s full audio capabilities.

The only problem I see with your setup is your vaulted ceilings. The Arc uses two upward firing drivers to reflect audio off of the ceiling to your seating position to create the height channel effects from Dolby Atmos content. Ideally your ceilings should be flat and not too high. A vaulted ceiling would minimize the amount of height effects you will hear.

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It’s very easy to focus upon the posts on the forum as reflective of the experience of most users and you raise a very valid point that it is very much the case that positive posts are very rare.  To put this into context, have a look at the diagram below which shows product sales (only up until 2018):

This growth has accelerated significantly since 2018, with the release of new products and the integration of voice assistants. So 6.9M households vs the number of posts on the forum tells a much better story than the quantity of posts on the forum alone.

Personally, I have over 12 Sonos products including: Arc, Beam, Sonos One, Sonos One XL, Play:1, Play:5 & Sub

My lounge setup which replaced a high end Mordauant Short speaker set & Panasonic AV receiver consists of: Arc, Sonos One XL (x2), Sub (Gen 1), and Sub (Gen 3)  It is as good and with most films better than my previous dedicated AV setup.

Not only that but within my Smart Home, using Hubitat, I can integrate my Sonos devices into the various rules that I’ve created.

Overall, I’m 100% satisfied and the reason for my involvement within the forum is to help others achieve the same level of satisfaction.