It’s been fun but I’m done

So long SONOS! After years of being an overzealous supporter of SONOS and suggesting to friends, making excuses to my family, spending hours weekly on “some new issue” and still purchasing over 40 SONOS products for multiple locations... I just can’t do it anymore. Selling my units to some other poor fools who are excited by the prospect of wireless sound. It’s amazing about 20% of the time. Then another update comes... I can’t do this anymore.

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Not a day goes by without me having to read such polemics on these boards.
Interesting. You say there is a consistent theme expressed by SONOS users that you see on a daily basis? Thanks.
It's almost always a WiFi issue, 99% of the time. Fix the WiFi, zero issues. Mine has been rock solid, on SonosNet, for years. I'm not alone, by a long shot.
I just started having problems with iPhone 8, Sonos One and Spotify this morning. I rebooted my router with my cable company’s app and it works fine now. Try rebooting your router.
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WIFI is a SONOS issue with the initial rollout Playbase.
Interesting. You say there is a consistent theme expressed by SONOS users that you see on a daily basis? Thanks.

Yes, and 99 times out of a hundred it turns out to be a network problem, not a Sonos problem.
Folks, that $69 WiFi router you bought at WalMart isn’t going to cover your 2800 sq ft home. It just won’t. Go with SonosNet, or get a 3-pack of mesh WiFi routers. Also get one of the dozens of free WiFi analyzer apps for your phone, and find the cleanest channel available to use.
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Don't be disparaging mom's "new to her" $29 cable modem WiFi gateway now!
I have Sonos products in EVERY room of my home (approximately 4000 square feet) and even a pair in my garage which is nearly another 1000 square feet. They play for hours every day without issues, whether streaming from a service (Pandora, Amazon Music, etc) on the Internet or my internal media server. I never have a single issue and I’ve owned Sonos products for years. The key to a solid performing Sonos ecosystem is to have a solid wireless infrastructure. I run a full Ubiquiti infrastructure (USG 4 Pro, PoE switches and mulitple long range AC access points). If you are going to invest in Sonos then you will want to invest in your wireless network. Like many other posts have stated, a big box store router will likely not produce the desired results over large areas and many devices.