Is SONOS still worth it? Bad customer service

  • 16 September 2020
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I was a long time fan of SONOS, even after my Playbar broke down after 4 years. They sold me a refurbished Playbar for $160. All good so far. Now, 2 years later I had exactly the same problem with the Playbar. Trying to get in contact with customer service was terrible. Half our to an hour wait on the phone and getting disconnected while finally getting through. They told me they tried to call me back but never did. In the end a representative told me they wern't allowed to call back because they were too busy.

I took matters in my own hands and opened up the playbar finding out 2 of the speakers inside are ripped. Pretty bad for a 2 year old Playbar. Wen't online and found the speakers for $14 each and changing them is a 10 minute job.

I was planning to expand the SONOS speakers in our house but am looking into other brands now. Very dissapointed in SONOS which is supposed to be an A brand. Anyone having thoughts about that?

2 replies

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Well, to each negative experience there 10.000s of positive experiences. Personally I have had very positive experiences with Sonos products and the one experience with customer support was excellent. There will be other brands out there with similar functionality but Sonos has a proven track record of supporting older devices for a very long time. Recently the introduction of the S2 app alongside with the new Sonos Arc did break some support of older Sonos devices but they are still supported in the older app. Maybe not ideal but with any smart device it will have a shelf date when it comes to software updates etc. My two cents but at the end you need to take your own informed decision whether to expand your Sonos eco system or change to another brand.

I dropped Bose and went with Sonos and have been pretty happy with Sonos.  Sound is wonderful!  In the year and a half I’ve had Sonos products, my problems have been small and momentary.  Except for the one glaring problem with my Sonos One’s...they stopped LOOPING Amazon sleep apps all night.  So I have a pair of pretty much useless One’s in the master bedroom as I bought them mainly to give me an incredible “Thunderstorm” sound track to lull me to sleep.  It used to loop all night, then suddenly, it stopped looping.  Aside from that, though, I LOVE the incredible movies & music sounds that Sonos produces.