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Search and sort options

I'd love to see the option of searching within search results and/or sorting results alphabetically. When I search for an artist and then look at their songs they all come out in a seemingly random or...

Sonos support is a joke

As the title says. So I have downloaded iOS 12 into my iPhone 8 with iPad Pro and normal iPad. Soon I’ve realised iPhone 8 battery was going down fast and according to battery setting, Sonos was the c...

Customer Service Complaints

Hi, Can anyone advise me of how to get through to a Manger at Customer Services to make a complaint regarding an order. They just seem to ignore you. I have sent emails with an automatic reply of we w...

Change Username

How do I change my username?

Change user name

I need help with my user name (I want to change it), they told me to post a message here, thanks in advance

Thanks for adding the Support link to the forum pages

If you look in the top right of the forum pages there is now a link to the Sonos Support pages! Yea! We no longer neet to post links to the main page when telling folks about it.

Preventing new posts to old - dead topics?

Is there any setting in this forum software that would lock dead topics after some period of time? It is frustrating to see new questions posted to years old topics because that is what the forum sear...

Community account glitch

I have a Sonos community account and username already. I have used it to post things before. So one would think I could log into it. However, each time I try to log in, the site automatically redirect...

New Spam

I suspect these aren't legitimate. https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/91-9660627641-black-magic-specialist-molvi-ji-6798957 https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/fi...

Increased Transparency Within Sonos Community

There needs to be greater transparency between Sonos and the community. I can't speak for everyone but below is a list of problems I have with my Sonos system. Feel free to add your own problems below...

Beta website is down

can't login to beta website

Remember me in login does not work

The Remember me option when logging in the community does not work... Every day I have to log in again.

Spam suggestion

How about only letting new accounts post, say, 3 times in the first 24 hours after the account is opened. That might stop the crazy spam, like all the junk that showed up in the last hour from the sam...

Why Can’t I see post replies?

Every time after I log into the community forum, and I select a posting (which shows replies) I can never see the replies to the posted message, I can only see the original posted message. What am a...

Moderation etiquette

We know that moderation here is random as often as the spam filter is ineffective. Even if it that was not to be the case, is it not a courtesy to notify posters whose posts have been swallowed up by...

Your post is being reviewed.....

What triggers...your post is being reviewed by our moderators and will be posted after that...or something to that affect?

change my username

Unable to locate how to change my Username once it's created.

ask sonos?

I might be late to the party but what happened to the ask.sonos.com website? It used to have a bunch of interesting ideas and today I went to check it out and I can't reach it.

My Data - Happy Birthday to me!

Stumbled across the My Data section this evening. Happy to see I’ve been a Sonos user for 10 years! Started with a ZP80 as a streaming client for my NAS based music library into a Linn multichannel A...

Change profile name

I am not a number (for Prisoner fans!). Can't find where to change User+no to my name in settings.


Hi Ive only just joined the community and I appear to have got a spam email from LauraRalph in the USA asking me to contact her. is there any way to delete this or block the spam? thanks Vince

Community problems? The community is doing too much.

Been on many forums. This is one of the few where the Owners (Sonos) seemingly never ring in as the experts. We stumble along through what is sometimes a humorous string of well intentioned reply’s ti...

Anyone else getting SPAM private messages?

I've only been with this community for about 3 weeks, and now I'm getting SPAM private messages. Not cool. Doesn't Sonos monitor this stuff? Just curious.


Is there a way to blacklist spammers? A spammer replied to one of my community questions and I don’t see an obvious way to block them.

Spam via Sonos community or Sonos?

Just received an email linking me to the Sonos community. “vivi4love vivi4love 3 minutes ago Hello Dear Friend, How are you doing Today? Hope you are in good health.I will like to invest in your Cou...


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