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Spaming Private Message

To whom do you report spammers using Private Messages? Specifically "LauraRalph" who uses and email address of sergeantlaurarealph7@gmail.com? Google that address and there's lots of people reporting...

Anyone else getting SPAM private messages?

I've only been with this community for about 3 weeks, and now I'm getting SPAM private messages. Not cool. Doesn't Sonos monitor this stuff? Just curious.


Is there a way to blacklist spammers? A spammer replied to one of my community questions and I don’t see an obvious way to block them.

Spam via Sonos community or Sonos?

Just received an email linking me to the Sonos community. “vivi4love vivi4love 3 minutes ago Hello Dear Friend, How are you doing Today? Hope you are in good health.I will like to invest in your Cou...

Community abuse?

I received a private message, quite frankly the tone and mysterious nature of the message made me very suspicious. It was from user Lauraralph. The message is below, what do you make of this communica...

I have to make a new account every time

I just tried to login to my account (graemev) and it simply says the account already exists (I know, that what I'm trying to log into) I can only access this site by creating a new account each time (...

Delete a Sonos Support REquest

I recently asked a question and quickly realized that it had previously been answered. Is there a way to delete one's question from the community board (so as not to waste peoples time). I plan on add...

Community Manager

What is a 'Community Manager', please? They seem to be moderating forums, but are not marked as a Sonos employee.

Posts not showing Newest First

I just noted that posts in Troubleshooting are not showing the Newest first

Username Change

Can Someone help my change my username?

How do I change my username?

Can’t see any way of doing it, just wanted to change it to something like SatishOz

How do I change my username?

Can't see any way to do it.

More inSided issues

I'm getting things that I read 2 days ago suddenly show up as "unread" threads. This wasn't the case an hour ago, when I'd cleared the whole forum, but just started around 8PM Pacific time.

Sonos support site unavailable

Currently it is not possible to access incident (tickets) on Sonos support website; I have confirmwtion from other users and also from Sonos support to whom I talked yesterday. Any info when this will...

Logging out

In the new Dutch and French communities the systems keeps logging me out. Every time I enter the forum I have to log in. A forum problem?

Multiple log-in still not possible

After months of waiting it still is not possible to stay logged in in more than one forum. Every time when I log in into the English part of the forum, I automatically get logged out in all other foru...

Spaming via Private Message

I have receive my first spam via this community's private message system. Is there something that can be done to avoid this such as limit the number of PM a user can send within a period of time or bl...

missing community emails

as of yesterday afternoon I stopped receiving any mails regarding updates to topics that I am 'following'. I am logged into the site, I can see an update has been made since my last visit but no mail...

New inSided behaviour

The Forum software has just recently started adding http:// in front of web addresses that I type. Normally, I type the address starting with a triple w. While I only mildly object to that, would it b...

Broken Posts in Favorite topics

Notice this morning a few posts not letting you read them https://en.community.sonos.com/-228987/want-sonos-to-keep-playing-while-gone-6787382 https://en.community.sonos.com/-228987/resturant-6787392

Insided feature request/bug?

I've noticed that links written in BBEdit code often have the words truncated mid-word, which seems odd. The software can handle line breaks properly in normal words, why can't it do the same in links...

Research participation request - Feedback on the community

A very good day to all of you! My name is Seline van Dijk and I'm an intern at Insided, the company behind this here community platform. My assignment is to research and design better user engagement...

New board behavior? Red backgrounds for certain posts

Starting today, I'm seeing some posts with a red background, and I can't figure out why, or what makes these special so that they're called out with a red border.

Excellent! vBulletin was getting long in the tooth. But what software is this?

Looks great; time to move away from the dinosaur bulletin boards. But what forum software is this? Discourse? Lithium? Flarum? Something else?

How do I change my username?

I am wondering how can I change my username, I’ve went through “my profile” and there is no option for username change.


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