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Renaming ISSUE

Is anyone else having an issue with renaming speakers after setting a name. I currently have a speaker in my bathroom which I have named it that but now have moved it to my ensuite as it gets more use...

Feedback: upgraded to the AMP (from Connect:Amp)

Me: "I already have the Connect:Amp. I don't really need to upgrade." Also me: "Something new from Sonos? TAKE MY MONEY." ----- In all seriousness: If you have the coin to upgrade and plan on sti...

Community feedback: Feature requests

Before the community existed in this form, Sonos had a website where feature requests had a separate status, and could be voted for. Some features introduced back then were based on popular demand. No...

Sonos app resizes itself instead of remembering my settings

Every time I launch Sonos on Windows 10 with an ultrawide monitor, it defaults to a massive size taking up 85% of the screen. I resize it to a much more reasonable size taking up about 15% of the scr...

Hotel System

I travel quite a bit, one thing I miss or wish I had when in the hotel is a good sound system to pay my music\podcasts. I think the better hotels would be open to a complete system. How I see that wo...

Feature Request - Audio Delay/Sync

Is it possible that you could include some sort of manual audio delay/sync feature for each speaker/groups of speakers via the app? I have Sonos and regularly use airplay to utilize my home theater se...

Why do I need to log in to my account to change room settings?

My bass was a bit too deep for how late at night it was and the song I was listening to, and I wanted to just go quick change the volume on my bass in that room. I was told it'd been a while since I'd...

Setup Macros and Stored Configurations

I have two Play 5s and a sub that I use for TV sound (right speaker and sub) and music (paired 5s and sub). Each time I change from music stereo to TV, I have to repeat the setup steps. I cannot use t...

2 Suggestions - Airplay 2 in all devices & Offsite remote control

(1) I know very recent release products, come with Airplay 2 built into them. Question is, why not have ALL prior model devices, that are hitting the manufacturing assembly lines NOW, also come with i...

Playlist feature request

I have seen one or two of these posts, but here goes anyway. Sonos is great - but the playlist area is long overdue for backup and sharing components. I have lost playlists on a few resets. It would j...

Be Aware, Just To Share.

Before buying my Play 5 I was in conversation with a representative from 'Sonos Chat' One of my questions was "If I find one cheaper will you price match"? Categorically Yes was typed by the represent...

Non Delivery of Product

There Shipping partner FedEx refuse to deliver to our house

unable to add the shared folder error 1002

I have just spent close to £1000 on Sonos kit after reading that the set was a 'breeze'! I cannot add my itunes library despite trying for the last 4 hours - time i will never get back. I have checked...

"An error occurred while adding tracks to the queue (1002)"

Hello. I've been using Sonos to to play Apple Music playlists well above 500 songs for several weeks now and just this afternoon got this dreaded message with no ability to listen. I see this has be...

Home Security feature

It would be good to have a few home security features in the Sonos Android remote app. If we receive an alert from our home security system. It would be great to be able to: A) speak into our phone a...

Starting a network with Bridge or Boost

I want to set up my Sonos network. My router is in a different room will not have music, does a Boost do what the Bridge use too?

It’s been fun but I’m done

So long SONOS! After years of being an overzealous supporter of SONOS and suggesting to friends, making excuses to my family, spending hours weekly on “some new issue” and still purchasing over 40 SO...

Vinyl to Sonos system

I have a playbar, sub and 2 x play 1 speakers which is great for tv, streaming and cd’s. I have a separate analogue system for vinyl but would like to play it through my Sonos system. I have been give...

SoundCloud Like’s list doesn’t go all the way

Scrolling half way through and I have over 100 tracks after that. Would be amazing if the app had a feedback section. ux theam do something!!

Cannot login to Beta Website

edit: Ignore "Beta" in the title of this post. Soon after posting this message I discovered it's not just access to the Beta, it is affecting any attempt to login to www.sonos.com. I have been tryin...

Disappointed with SONOS ONE and Airplay 2 feature.

I decided to replace the two SONOS PLAY Ones in my surround sound setup that use a Playbar with two Sonos Ones. I wanted the ability to stream directly to the surround sound system using Airplay 2 an...

Receive e-mail notification but no post in topic

Recently I have been receiving mails for topics to which I am subscribed but clicking on the link reveals no new post(s). Eg https://en.community.sonos.com/ask-a-question-228987/is-it-possible-to-us...

Add AMP to your profile list of Sonos products

When adding as a new community user, we cannot denote in our user profile that we also have the Amp product. I have two Amps, plus one Beam.

Cancelling an account

How do I cancel an account and create a new one with the same email? Just got divorced.

Music played from iOS device craps out

New to Sonos but understand that playing music off my iPhone 6S is a problem with my Sonos home entertainment system installed in our new house. Music stops and jumps to another song or stops all toge...


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