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...icles, spectacles, wallet and watch. Well that seems to be working now, hello boys!

"Latest Answers" time stamp issue

Screen captured a few minutes ago, but when I go to this post, it is much, much older. Edit: I can't edit the title typo.

Previous subscriptions

hi there, it appears that any subscriptions (follows) from the previews forums are not carried over For example I was subscribed to this thread (was an 'Idea') but I just had to 'Add to Favourite' ag...

Action buttons for mobile

Can Insided add the action buttons to mobile? (Flag, Quote and Permalink) or am i missing something?


I'm a novice That's what I get on my status after passing the digital expert test 10 years ago. Never mind..

Nederlandse forum

Kan iemand mij vertellen waar ik het Nederlandse forum kan vinden.

Don't feed the troll

Clicking on the upper left avatar leads to a 404, the others are OK.

No indication when a post has been edited?

There doesn't appear to be any indication when a post has been posted and then altered later.

Text flow in dropdown

Reply count inconsistency

View the following topic: https://en.community.sonos.com/wireless-speakers-228992/i-would-like-to-be-able-to-start-playback-from-any-point-within-a-playlist-5811552?postid=5811552 Why does the first...

Who or what assigns "Tags"?

I noticed that this post contains "Tags". I don't recall seeing these in other posts. How are these assigned?


guys I seem to have two accounts now Username jas_williams that has all my posts from the old forums. And this new account that is linked to my sonos ID any way to combine them ?

Where did my Likes go??

I had over 400 stars/likes on the ask.sonos.com site! Now on this new site, I have no reputation apparently.I know there were LOTS of people that had more than that. I guess none of those likes/stars...


Why does starting a topic here prepend Question: to the title? How do I make it not do this?

No more ideas ?

So unless the mobile version differs from the web one, there are no more 'idea' threads that can be suggested, discussed and commented on ? Please advise. Also, I cannot scroll up and down in this...


I'm not sure how the transition to the new system is going to be handled, so now might be a good time to thank the people here for all of their help and advice in the past. I'd particularly like to t...

Community feature: Tagging community members

Does the platform support tagging of other community members similar to Facebook? We have many SME's that could be easier 'pulled' into a thread which in return could help with faster resolutions? Wh...

Why are there so many problems and ideas with no status?

Why are there so many problems and ideas with no status from Sonos? It is certainly useful to know which things are "under consideration" or "not planned" etc. but the whole labeling system seems pret...

Please write in English only

Come on guys, write in English only please! Keep this forum open for the worldwide community

Where has the Sonos Forum Link Gone?

This may be a bit of a dumb question, so please bear with me. :o I normally use a saved link to get to these forum pages, but over the weekend wanted to look at them from another PC. The link used to...

Store sonos system configuration in sonons.com account

Since an account is required at setup it would be helpful to have an option of saving your configuration (services, favorites, music library location, etc.) to the cloud.

ask.sonos.com .. Community sign-in

I can't sign in to the Sonos community (ask.sonsos.com) ... is it a separate sign-in/password from the official site in the same way that this forum has a separate sign etc? I am sure that in the pas...

Forums No Longer Linked from the Support Page

I won't venture why - just an observation.

Why are there 3 places to ask questions?

Why are there 3 places to ask questions? Does anyone else think this is confusing? Right now I can ask a question in 3 places: the sonos support, this area which requires me to annoyingly set up a...

new design of ask.sonos.com

The design of ask.sonos.com has changed and not for the better in my opinion ! when viewing a topic for which there are many comments (for example, 'Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar')...


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