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ask.sonos.com .. Community sign-in

I can't sign in to the Sonos community (ask.sonsos.com) ... is it a separate sign-in/password from the official site in the same way that this forum has a separate sign etc? I am sure that in the pas...

Forums No Longer Linked from the Support Page

I won't venture why - just an observation.

Why are there 3 places to ask questions?

Why are there 3 places to ask questions? Does anyone else think this is confusing? Right now I can ask a question in 3 places: the sonos support, this area which requires me to annoyingly set up a...

new design of ask.sonos.com

The design of ask.sonos.com has changed and not for the better in my opinion ! when viewing a topic for which there are many comments (for example, 'Please add support for DTS for the Sonos Playbar')...

Why this site?

How will this site be different from the forum and why have two? If I have a technical problem in future, which is the place to ask about a solution?

Unread threads

Is there a way to monitor this support website, i.e. having access only to unread threads instead of searching for what's new? (as it is the case with the forum)


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