incompatibility S1 and S2

  • 14 March 2021
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I bought 1 Sonos S5 and 3 Sonos 3 a few years ago.

it cost me some amount of money thinking that I had a system that could last for a certain time.

then Sonos developed  S2 which is not compatible with the previous generation. This forces the customer to let down their previous equipment and change the whole system.

This is and stupid scheme 

of planned obsolescence which not acceptable with current sustainable policies and for this reason, I DO NOT RECOMMEND TO ANYONE TO BUY SONOS EQUIPMENT ANYMORE UNLESS THEY CHANGE THEIR POLICY AND FIND A WAY TO MAKE THEIR 1st gen system compatible with the S2 App.

Next time I buy a music equipment I’ll avoid SONOS.

What a disappointment !!!

Stéphane Begue.



9 replies

The system you bought is still functional, at the level you chose to purchase it, and Sonos have undertaken to provide fixes to S1 so long as they are able. 


As with all technology, older platforms are unable to support new developments because they lack the necessary processor or memory capacity. An extreme example, I grant you, but nobody would expect Windows 10 to run on an Intel 80286.

Your answer is a confirmation of a planned obsolescence. There is a 30 years gap between 80286 and Windows 10. My system S1 is only 4 years old. You made S2 incompatible to S1 on purpose. I was one of the first to buy Sonos system when it began and I somewhat contributed to the development of your company and now you let us down.


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. I was one of the first to buy Sonos system when it began and I somewhat contributed to the development of your company and now you let us down.


In that case you’ve had your system for something like 15 years, and Sonos are still supporting it!

I’m sorry, but your dates are slightly out. The very first Sonos products were released back in 2005.

The S5 was introduced in Nov 2009 and replaced in Nov 2015 by Play:5/gen2. If you really purchased only 4 years ago I’m afraid you were sold old, discontinued stock.


You made S2 incompatible to S1 on purpose.

I’m not Sonos, I’m just another user. But, like I said, it wasn’t a case of ‘making S2 incompatible on purpose’. It simply won’t fit on the older devices. They have too little memory.


And, to repeat, you can continue to enjoy your S1 system just as it was when you bought it. 

Planned obsolescence is when normal obsolescence is artificially reduced in time in order to push customers change more often.

Don’t give me examples of normal obsolescence over forty years of age to justify Sonos policy.

I think you’re perhaps missing the point. 

  • If you want to continue with what you have, you’re fine. Unlike some well-known companies which abandon all support for older software, Sonos continue to support S1. 
  • If you want to migrate to something newer, you’d need to replace the S5 with a more recent, more capable model. 

The choice is really quite simple.

Let's not feed the troll. Joined forum today. Gets his facts wrong. Understands  nothing. Deliberately provocative. Not worth anyone's time.



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Everybody is missing the point here.  Sonos could have easily made a single app, two groups of units - S1, and S2.  They don’t have to work together, just have them both available in a single app. Don’t even have to share playlists… although  there is no technical reason that an S2 unit could not be made to access an S1 playlist (but not the other way around).  Sonos did it this way to try to push people into upgrading their old units to S2 units.  I and others, NOT TROLLS fully understand that S1 are old technology and limited...But if Sonos had gone the single app route, two seperate groups of units, this would be better for users and for Sonos… owners of S1 and S2 units would be able to see both… and therefore be gently reminded that they can upgrade older  units to S2.  Heck, put the purchase option in the app even. As it is now I get constant reminders in my S1 app to upgrade.  Extremely irritating.   Instead of thinking of what is best and easiest for their customers, Sonos devised a strategy to push people into replacing their perfectly functional S1 units into S2.   The reality for their most loyal customers is that they will have both S1 and S2 units, and Sonos should have made it much easier for them to co-exist… and not constantly pester S1 users to upgrade. Or use two different apps.

It’s not about planned obsolecence, it would be perfectly OK to freeze S1 at this point… not even bug fixes.  

@RentalGuy . That makes no sense, not least because there are no such things as S1 or S2 units. 

Separate apps for what are separate systems is the most sensible solution.  Whether Sonos should stop prompting to upgrade systems is a different issue entirely.