Important message to Sonos's developer/engineering team

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Hello this past spring I told you about my recommendations for adding an equalizer. Since that time, I have not received any news from you or any updates to this effect regarding the potential addition of this one. Since we android smart phone users can in no way optimize and qualify our sound with your feature (only apple), adding ASAP an equalizer would be appropriate and respectable on your part to make it fair for all your customers. Thank you and I am waiting to hear from you.

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Sonos, in most cases, does not announce in advance things that they’re working on, with very minor exceptions. You’re unlikely to get any official Sonos response here, other than the forum moderators indicating that they’ve passed your input on to the development team. 

Having been in parallel situations, I can only imagine that they would prefer not to message to competitors what the next thing is, along with simple caution about the challenges of software development, where time tables are inexact at best, and making promises that you’re unable to fulfill  is a sure fire way to get customers unhappy with you. 

There have been many plaintive requests in the past for Sonos to comment about upcoming features. As long as I’ve been a member of this forum, starting back in 2015, they’ve not done so. From what I could tell reading back from the date I joined, they never have. 

Sonos did announce they were going to implement DTS and Amazon HD recently, but that announcement was through the press.  I don't think they would do the same for an equalizer.

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A sound system at $ 3000 and not able to fix my sound. WAKE UP Sonos we are in 2021!

If you're not prepared to acquire an older iDevice to Trueplay your system, it seems to me that you should simply sell up and move on with your life. 

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It does not need to be your own iOS device, just use someone else’s……

It was all explained back here

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Ok ratty, to fix my sound i need to borrow phones from friends or buy older iOS….

It should mark on the box before buying: To fix your sound, borrow a phone from a friend hahahaha 

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I'm going to sell all this to a youngster and I'm going to buy myself a real professional sound system.

Good choice.  Sonos doesn't need you as a customer.

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Do the trueplay mode bypass the treble, bass and sub volume configuration?


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I was kidding, I don't sell my sound system I like it too much haha , i hope that trueplay will improve the sound because my bass and midrange spreads in walls, it's difficult to put a sound system going everywhere in every type of room or house. It takes configurations and that's what's missing.
It takes configurations and that's what's missing.

No it’s not. That’s precisely what Trueplay’s digital spectral correction does. As has been explained elsewhere it’s far more advanced than could be achieved with a mere equaliser.