Idea about: All Sonos products will continue to work past May

  • 24 January 2020
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I am from Australia. Do you actually understand how absolutely horrifying the last 3 months have been? Not withstanding we have a very stupid leader whose sole fault the MAGNITUDE of the fires has been. We now have the realization that CLIMATE CHANGE is LITERALLY upon us!

Couple of months later I get an email from SONOS telling me that my speakers cannot be updated anymore and become legacy products yet they are playing perfectly well.

Do you know how frustrating it is to chuck a complete product JUST because a SUB PART of said product is becoming LEGACY? After all it is NOT the entire product, its just the computer part.

I am really not sure why you cannot design a replacement part that replaces the part that has become not powerful enough and does not have enough memory. Then we, as customers, would be able to send in our speakers in, get the board replaced and continue to use the speaker for the future.

SONOS could be seen as a “future company” understanding the importance of the environment. You could be seen as a leader showing other companies how it should be done taking care of planet Earth by providing a part for a product without replacing the entire thing.

After all we need the planet, Earth does not need us.

Happy to pay for the upgrade, not happy to pay for a new speaker.
I know you give 30%, but that is not the point.

Build/design a replacement part and I am sure everyone will be happy.

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