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  • 24 December 2019
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This was a comment by jgatie, on another question, “Look, I understand you are disappointed because you made foolish assumptions about your purchase. Your are in the minority, and to keep bashing here puts you in the annoying minority. Fine if that's what you want to be, but know the sales figures and reviews are decidedly against you. Sell your stuff and go be happy.


i did the research and I guess before jgatie speaks, they should be checking the facts first. Because the facts from SEC filings are.…

Sonos has 1,625 followers and made 1.3 billion dollars in annual revenues.

Bose has 5,078 followers and made 3.9 billion dollars in annual revenues.

The last I learned in math class, 5,078 is greater than 1,625 by 320%. And 3.9 billion dollars is 300% more than 1.3 billion dollars.

Sounds like Bose is outselling and crushing Sonos 3 to 1.

And I’m predicting that margin will grow even more. Because of Sonos narrow minded focus on themselves and not their customers concerns or needs.

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Bose deals in products far outside the scope of Sonos, including headphones, wired home theaters, and passive speakers.  The only real comparison in sales would be to compare multi-room smart speakers to multi-room smart speakers, and I can guarantee Sonos outsells them in that arena.  Take Amazon’s rankings, for instance:




Sonos owns 7 of the top 10 spots.  Bose not even in the top 50.

You can also check out the ratings at Amazon, since you didn’t mention that part of my point. 

I have a mix of kit at home, mostly Sonos, some Bose, some old HiFi, and a bunch of Echo units. But because each make serves different needs, all remain relevant in the market.  Other people with a different set of needs will have a different mix of makes.

Your maths is correct, but because it is correct in a very narrow sense, the conclusions are still off. Sony is probably ten time Bose, that does not mean Sony is crushing Bose 10 to 1. The other thing to consider is the rate of growth in the last ten years; I suspect that for Sonos this is many times that for Bose.

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Was the other question you refer to regarding playing music from your iPhone?  Based upon my limited research, Bose cannot accomplish this either. I’m not sure I get your point. 

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Interesting statistics, KP 1  But can you clarify, please:

I’m not sure what a “follower” is? A product owner, perhaps? If so, Bose has been selling speakers since the mid/late 1960’s so I’d expect them to have a much larger user base.

 Perhaps a better indicator might be turnover and the number of speakers sold per annum over each of the last 5 years. That will show trend as well as a one-off comparison. Also, are you taking Bose’ total revenue from all its business arms, or just for the home speaker market? 

The only sensible comparison of sales figures would be Bose sales of their multiroom wireless systems with those of Sonos.  As @nik9669a points out, Bose have been operating far longer in a much broader market than Sonos.  

Without context, it is difficult to comment on that selective quote in the original post of this thread.  The only thing we can say with certainty is that the comparison the OP has made tells us nothing useful.

Incidentally, I have been distinctly underwhelmed by the Bose products I have heard (headphones excepted), I have long found the Urban Dictionary’s definition of Bose to be about right:


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Sonos is a niche market product imho, they are Multi Room audio only. Bose do a much wider product range.