How to get customer service to provide update on messed up order

  • 23 September 2022
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A few weeks ago I made an order using an upgrade credit. I ordered the Move & Roam combo package. I received a shipping confirmation with tracking info. So far, so good. The package is delivered without issue or delay. I open the package and unfortunately only the Move is inside. The packing slip, however, indicates both the Move and Roam were sent, so it would appear an error was made by whoever packed it, and they forgot to put in the Roam. There was never a second shipping notice or tracking number provided to indicate that they were sent separately.

I phone customer service and explain the situation. She says she will contact the courier company first (I wasn’t clear why, when it was in fact delivered; that was not the problem) and then would forward the issue to the right department for either a refund or to send the product (my preference is to send the product since it was part of the upgrade discount and I don’t want to lose the 30% savings if I have order it again in a new order). She tells me it will take up to 48 hours to hear back from courier.

I get an email confirmation of the conversation, although the details in the email are completely wrong and indicate that my issue is that I didn’t get my delivery at all. I realize that this is perhaps just a generic email, but reply outlining the correct details of the issue so it is in writing.

After three days I send a quick reply to get an update on where we’re at in the process of rectifying the situation - I’m going on a trip end of month and wanted to take the Roam with me, plus I don’t want it re-shipped while I’m away. No reply back. Try again another day. Nothing. Try a third time. Still radio silence. How hard is it to acknowledge a request for an update?

Anyone have similar issues, or advice on alternate ideas to get a response from them? The phoning was painful as the connection wasn’t great and I prefer to have things in writing. How does one prove they only received part of an order?? Plus pretty disappointed It looks like I won’t get in it time for my trip now. Up to now the shipping/delivery of products was fine so I’ve never had to deal with their customer service. It’s pretty poor (compared to other companies I’ve dealt with in the past) and not leaving me with great confidence.

5 replies

As this is a Sonos user community, its slightly difficult to comment on what, by all accounts, seems like a unique, or at the very least, a rare and unusual problem with a purchase. I’ve not seen a similar issue reported in the community. 

However I notice you mention speaking with Sonos customer services, rather than the Sonos Sales Team, who I believe usually handle these kind of issues. So if you haven’t yet spoken to the Sales Team, then perhaps try that route instead. Here is the link to contact them direct…

Not sure if that helps, but hope you manage to get the issue resolved quickly.

Ken, thanks for the suggestion. It actually was a member from the sales team I spoke to. Confirmed by her signature line of the initial email sent to me.

It may be possible that the shipper measured the actual weight of the package and logged this somewhere. This could help you prove your case.

Interesting idea. I checked the tracking and according to UPS it was 12 pounds. According to the Sonos website the Roam is .95 pounds and the Move is 6.6 pounds. I still have most of the packaging and if I weigh everything I get 10.2 pounds, so that doesn’t seem to help me, although I don’t know how much extra weight the Roam packaging would have added, nor how accurate my scale is. Anyone order a Roam/Move combo that has the weight from their tracking info to compare?

Technically I would think Sonos should have the ID info of the product they think they sent me and see it’s not registered or active on my system?

Either way, I think the frustrating thing is that they just refuse to update me at all. I’ve been a Sonos user since the very early days and have bought multiple products over the years and never had any issues with deliveries before, so you’d think they’d reward that loyalty with the benefit of the doubt and just express-ship me my Roam from the start. Seems like a simple solution to make customer happy…instead they prefer to add to the idea that Sonos customer service is increasingly poor.

Sorry for the rambling posts - just super annoyed.


I don’t have any doubts about what you’re saying and I suspect Sonos feel the same, but first have to give the courier time/opportunity to see if they can locate the missing item in their system, but I agree Sonos should be keeping you informed of the progress.

Not an excuse, but I guess they are busy with the release of the new Sub-Mini product aswell, which I suspect might be an extremely popular product. 

Anyhow I hope you get your Roam soon. Let us know the outcome.👍