How Do Run 3 Pairs of Speakers Now - Legacy Issue

  • 22 January 2020
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OK all is working fine, and might continue to do so, BUT now that the cat is very much amongst the pigeons, how can I solve my perfectly good working solution?

Currently I have a Connect: AMP feeding 1 pair of speakers in master bedroom, then RCA/phonos out to an old Hi-fi amp driving set of speakers A and set of speakers B.  A & B being ceiling speakers in the bathroom and en-suite.  Efeectively giving us a zone with 3 x pairs of speakers.

I see the new Amp (at a mouthwatering £599/£420 with Trade-in) does not have any RCA/phonos so I can’t even replace my Connect:Amp with a new non legacy piece of kit.

I don’t really want to have to buy a speaker selector/switch as that is yet more ££££’s.

We also now have the issue that many old tablets conveniently used/purchased as a Sonos controller also no longer receive support.  Android 5.0 and Fire 5.0 (I think) being non supported.  That kills 2 of my devices from future updates too.  Mind you, pointless having a tablet/controller that is up to date if rest of system isn’t!

I remember being chuffed to bits having saved up about £800 to buy the first bundles ZP80/ZP100 and CR100 back in 2007.

How come I now feel so empty…….disappointed….angry.

When will this madness end…..(don’t get me started on other rooms).

We need more details.

  • When will we really notice a difference in non supported items?
  • When will Trade-up end?
  • How long before my Play:3 joins legacy list?
  • Will new “modern” players/speakers overcome the 65,000 (or less) track issue?
  • What happens if Plex stop supporting its 65,000 track work around or it no longer function on legacy items in the future?
  • I don’t currently, and have no plans to start streaming, and even if I did, how long before say Amazon Music/Spotify/Tribal and co come out with a major upgrade meaning for those that use it legacy items fail?

I repeat, we need more details.

Please Sonos we need some answers on the next couple of years route map - otherwise many of us will be seeking out alternatives that we don’t have to find workarounds for.

I am fed up to the back teeth of radio-silence when we the paying public ask for answers and get nothing….

Go on, surprise me, make my day…...


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