how can I listern to bbc sounds on my play 3 ?

  • 23 November 2021
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Hi friends of Sonos,

can you help me please, I have a Sonos system bought about 4-5 years ago. 
how can I listern to bbc sounds on my play 3 ? My play3 does not show up in the listed devices. any ideas why? My tv is listed but not any Sonos speakers ?

thanks for the help



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What list of devices are you looking at? Are you trying to play BBC Sounds over AirPlay? None of your Sonos devices are compatible with AirPlay.

A Bluetooth receiver in the line-in of your Play:5 or C:A would do it. Or a physical cable from your phone.

Or if the BBC Sounds app is available on your TV then your Playbar is a route in.

Or, you could petition BBC to add the whole slew of the content from their Sounds app to the Sonos portal…..


@GuitarSuperstar & all thank you for your replies. Yes it seems I am lacking AirPlay on my setup. The devices I see are from the BBC Sounds app, so it shows just my iPad & tv as available. My question is, is there a workaround to this or do I need to replace my whole setup? My play 3 is one I use as a roaming speaker & move it from room to room, however, replacing my complete setup would be expensive. When I talk about a workaround I mean not for just BBC sounds but AirPlay in general, could I buy a Sonos AirPlay speaker & that provides the connectivity link to the rest of my Sonos, or is that just too easy :slight_smile: ?

thanks for the help, Richard 


Buying an Airplay compatible Sonos speaker would indeed bring Airplay to your whole system, by grouping.  Given that you move the speaker around the natural choice would be a Move or a Roam. Both are also Bluetooth compatible although only the Roam can bring Bluetooth to the whole system. 


Hi John,

Thanks for your help. I'm not sure I understand what you mean with the Roam bringing bluetooth to the whole system? The info on both the Roam & Move looks exactly the same to me, albeit a price difference between the 2 speakers. I would prefer the Move as an additional speaker to group my existing speakers, can it not do this, or is there something I misunderstood ?

Kind regards, Richard.

Hi Richard

You can Airplay to either speaker, Move or Roam, when it is connected to your wifi. In wifi mode you can also group the speaker with any other speakers in your system so as to Airplay to them.

You can also use Bluetooth to either speaker, but when in Bluetooth mode the Move cannot be grouped with other speakers, so you can only Bluetooth to the Move.

But the Roam can group with other speakers when receiving a Bluetooth signal.  Given that you have the Airplay option that isn't a big deal. 

The sound quality of the Move is much better than that of the Roam, consistent with the price and size (and weight!) difference. If you are going to be using it mainly around the house then the Move seems to me a better option. 

You could of course just get a Sonos One SL for Airplay if you don't mind plugging and unplugging as you move it around. Do you operate with a wired Sonos device or fully WiFi?


Hi John,

Many thanks for all of the information you have provided, it's been a great help in understanding how my “old” non AirPlay speakers can still be used in the modern day :wink: My current setup is wifi with the exception of the boost, sub, & play bar (sub & play bar are next to the tv which is also on wired internet).

Would you know the difference in quality of the One SL compared to the Move ? The One SL could be another option, which I didn't think about. The advantage of the Move as you rightly say is that it can be easily moved from room to room, but as I've been disconnecting the power cable for the last 5 years or so, I'm sure I can continue to do that.

Thanks again, your help is very much appreciated. Richard.


Sound quality is very subjective.  Also, I don’t have a One or One SL, so can only compare with a Play:1.  I would say that the Move is a more powerful speaker than a Play:1, with a fuller, deeper bass, but that the difference is not huge.  I think you would be happy with either.

Auto-trueplay is a useful feature of the Move when it is being, well, moved around.

As you are using SonosNet, your Sonos devices form a mesh network, which has to reconfigure every time you move a play:3 or a One / One SL.  This could create a bit of instability in theory, but if your system has been solid over the last five years while you have been moving the Play:3 around, this probably won’t be an issue.  The Move does not connect to the SonosNet mesh, which means the system does not have to reconfigure itself.  But if your WiFi is a bit weak, and you want to use the new speaker a long way from your router, then the One / One SL might be more reliable.

I hope that helps.


Hi John,

That's perfect, Many thanks for all of your help again it is very much appreciated.

Kind regards, Richard.


My pleasure.