Hey Sonos, any chance you can work on improving Arc dialogue?

  • 31 October 2021
  • 1 reply

I’ve had the Arc, one sl’s and sub gen 3 for a while now and have always been disappointed by the dialogue in content. Doesn’t matter what’s being watched or if speech enhancement is turned on. My buddy just brought over his Beam gen 2 and it’s not even a close comparison. The beam sounds so much better with dialogue at half the price. Any updates on software changes that might alleviate this? I know this is one of the major complaints of the Arc based off these forums and your subreddit. 

1 reply

My Wife and I have the Sonos Beam (with surrounds) in the Dining Room and the Sonos Arc (with Surrounds) in the Family Room, and I think the dialogue (audio in general) from both setups, are pretty similar overall.

Each setup is connected to an LG TV (different models) and so just wondering if it’s not your TV, have you perhaps considered speaking with Sonos customer support to see if there might be an issue with your Soundbar, assuming it’s not a TV compatibility issue.

I think it’s even worth video-recording a sound comparison, if it’s that obvious a difference, aswell as submitting diagnostic reports, just to try to show the issue and then let Support Staff see if there is anything further they can do.

Personally speaking I think the Arc sounds great, but I guess your setup could have a compatibility issue with its connected TV, or perhaps even a fault.