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  • 27 January 2020
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Sorry if this has been asked before but the title kind of sums it up.

If I look at my user profile, I can see all the posts I have made with a snippet of the text quoted as well.

If I click on that text, I would expect it to jump to my post within the actual thread but instead it just takes me to the first post on the thread.

Am I doing something wrong?


3 replies

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Also, is it possible to search for a forum user and view their posts? I’m seeking some specific info and I know the user that posted it - I just can’t find it!


No, you aren’t doing anything wrong.  InSided is just horrible.  Worst forum software I’ve ever used.  

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To get to a specific post try the XX minutes ago link, or days, months years.

When searching use an external search engine, add the site option to restrict results to here.

Having used decent forum software coming here and fighting this stuff is enough to make me cry.