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  • 10 July 2017
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Hey Everybody... I'm Tim... I've been installing Sonos for about 3 years now and own many of their products as well. You can call me a Huge Sonos Fan, but I'm not a Sonos employee. I read some discussions on the Echo Integration, and while I, like many others would Love this integration soon, I must say I was a little disapointed with some of the hostile and negative postings. Someone posted I think quite accurately how it seems a reflextion of our current political state. I always try to post things as if I'm talking face to face with the other person. It seems when some are able to hide behind a keyboard, words come out that would never be actually spoken to another. I'll get off my soap box, but remember, you have a much better chance of others seeing your point of view if you respect their position and use civility.

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5 replies

In general, I agree. At times though one can confuse a sincere poster with trolls, that do come here often.
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I think the other things to bear in mind are that it's quite difficult to convey tone in these posts. Yes one can use emoticons but for me I'm 52 and I have left a living will that means if I am ever caught using one I will receive a fatal coup de grace! (But seriously, old gits like me don't use such things).
Also, I tend to be rather blunt no just on forums but in my private and business communications. There are three reasons for this 1) That's my personality 2) I like to be economic with my words - Why use 10 when 3 will do? and 3) Linked with 2. I deal with people all over the world for many of whom English is not their first nor often their second language - linguistic niceties are definitely an impediment to correct comprehension on these occasions.

We should also bear in mind that communication styles vary the world over even whilst out planet shrinks. I'm not going to discuss these differences here but I assure you Americans communicate in a completely different manner to those from Japan (say). These differences can sometimes come across as rudeness or even worse. whereas in reality it's just "the way it is".

All that being said I agree with the OP and will try my best to be less direct in future!
I like to think one can be civil and direct at the same time.
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I like to think one can be civil and direct at the same time.

In many parts of China directness is seen as the height of rudeness. That's sort of what I was alluding to. (Not just China obviously)
In an internet forum, shorter forms of communication are widely accepted. Flowery circumlocution will be very exhausting. And I could be wrong, but my impression is that most people that have taken offence have been native English speaking people from the US and the UK.