Five - Bit rate of music through 3.5mm aux

  • 15 September 2020
  • 1 reply

As with 99% of others I am very, very disappointed that you cannot stream 24 bit hi-res files on the new Five via the usual streaming services. 

Question: If I connect a Five speaker to external DAC (via PC) into 3.5mm aux, will it play play 24 bit tracks  (PC - Amazon Music HD)?


Tks in advance for feedback.

1 reply

Hi.  First, do you really mean HD, or Ultra HD?  Sonos has been able the play the CD-quality Amazon HD files for ages.

If you really mean Ultra HD, then using the line in won’t make any difference as it’s an analog line-in.  Sonos will do a lossless conversion to digital in order to play to the whole system and then in each speaker the Sonos DAC will convert it to music.

Btw I think you mean bit depth, not bit rate.

99% of who is disappointed by this?  Certainly not the whole user base.