Feature requests - create feature request section & allow votes

Create a section for requests for new features. Indicate the request status e.g. pending review, invalid, voting, rejected, accepted. If a request is found to be valid e.g. not an existing feature or duplicate, allow the community to vote. Display a league table based on votes.

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And then ignore the results, do proper market research, and prioritise developments that make commercial sense.
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It's all very democratic. But I definitely don't want that committee designed horse.
Already been done. What we saw was eleventy million non-Sonos owning Windows Phone fanatics gaming the polls to make the number one request be an app for a mobile OS that had less than 3% market share. Same thing with Hi-res audio fans on the old forum.

No thanks. Unscientific internet polls show nothing except that a little bit of people with a cause and free time on their hands can be really annoying and repetitive.


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