Feature Request - Quick way to separate surrounds into seperate zone

  • 29 April 2020
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It would be great to have a quick toggle button that would either join rear surround speakers for movie watching or separate them out when someone is using the TV for say video games. This would allow  others in the room to listen to music. To do this now takes a ton of steps.


Thanks for consideration!

1 reply

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Welcome @jamcomp ,


Sorry for the delayed response, we can add this as a feature request should you wish that. But to give you a bit of technical background, when the speakers are paired with the Beam/ Playbar/ Playbase they are using 5.0Ghz wireless to connect directly to it in order to quickly receive TV audio in sync with the video.


However when you unpair them from the beam and simply group them via the "Group" function all the speakers will be communicating via 2.4Ghz wireless band to the router instead. This adds time for information to travel from speaker to speaker, so this is why it takes time to actually setup the speakers to work as surrounds for home theater setups. Since the connection is being established from speaker to speaker via 5.0Ghz. Regardless, we can put this down as feature request.