Feature Request: Bluetooth Output from SONOS

  • 22 November 2019
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There’s a lot of questions regarding Bluetooth output from SONOS speakers in the community, so I’d like to raise my hand too… I’d like to see native support for Bluetooth output directly form a speaker such as the Beam.

Here’s the use-case: I already own Bluetooth headphones and would like to pair them with SONOS speakers. This is due to watching TV late at night or early in the morning where I do not want to disturb other people that are sleeping.

I’m aware of the many ways to jerryrig Bluetooth from the TV or from a SONOS Port, but boy would it be nice to tap a button and auto-connect directly from a SONOS speaker! Hence the title.. “Feature Request”.

So, let’s add additional requirements: 

  • First and obvious: Bluetooth output from SONOS speakers
  • Pair with multiple headphones from a single source (Beam)
  • Control Bluetooth mode from SONOS app
  • Control Bluetooth mode from speaker buttons
  • (this is where it get tricky) seamlessly walk from room to room each with it’s own SONOS speaker and maintain Bluetooth connectivity. Use case: say I go out of Bluetooth range from a Beam, but in range of a paired Play 1. It would be cool if the system was smart enough to “follow” my headphones and maintain connectivity.

Okay, I know this functionality doesn’t exist yet, but christmas is coming up. I’ll send santa a note.



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2 replies

Sonos devices contain no Bluetooth audio hardware (other than the receiver in the Move). You’re suggesting retrofitting a transmitter into all Sonos models? Also, Bluetooth has no roaming/handoff capability. It’s a wire replacement technology.

The sensible option is indeed to use a separate transmitter -- and it’s not a “jerryrig” arrangement at all -- with either a TV optical output or fed by a Port. If you wish you can obtain a higher power, long range Bluetooth transmitter which can cover several rooms. Or use a proprietary wireless headphone setup for extended range.  

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I’d like to counter this. I don’t want Bluetooth anywhere near the Sonos eco system. The move implementation is the limit idlike to see.