Feature Request - Atmos speakers

  • 6 May 2020
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With news of the upcoming release of the new Playbar, people like me who just bought a Playbar last year, might feel a bit silly about not waiting to get new features, especially Dolby Atmos. I think Sonos could and should create a pair of speakers that are sort of “add-ins” to the current Playbar/Playbase/Beam that upgrade the system to be able to produce Atmos sound. A pair of small speakers that can be placed on each side of the Playbar or mounted on the wall next to it that have upward firing speakers for Atmos sound effects. The pair can retail for $100-200 (but probably closer to that higher number) so people who want to upgrade their system without reinvesting in a new Playbar can do so. It's a similar concept to the Sub and buying a pair of One’s to act as surround sound, the customer has the option to add those speakers if they desire the effect it adds to the system.

1 reply


The playbar and playbase aren’t capable of receiving a Atmos signal over the optical connection, and probably don’t have the hardware to send audio to 2 additional channels anyway.  While this may be possible with the Beam, that’s a significantly smaller market.  I would be surprised if Sonos can make these speakers...design/test/etc...and sell them at $200 a pair.  That’s half the cost than any speaker Sonos brand speaker, and matches the price of the cheapest Sonos/ikea speaker.