Enhancement Request: Associate Services to a Particular Sonos Player

  • 23 February 2021
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In a multiple family household, it’s possible for each member of the family to have their own own login to a particular service. However, you can’t associate that service to a particular Sonos within the house.

I know in our household, I’ve setup the accounts on my controller, and now Apple Music is convinced that I’m really into Broadway showtunes, “Julie and the Phantoms”, and lullaby versions of popular songs. These are being played by my kid’s in their rooms, and they never remember to select their service/account to play from (especially because most of the time they are just telling Alexa to play something, so it just goes against the main account).


Proposed Solution:

Allow for a service/account to be associated to a particular player in the house. For example, if Amy had Sonos in her room, then we want to say always play Apple Music (or Spotify) on Amy’s Sonos from Amy’s accounts.


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Hi @mm2, thanks for reaching out.


Thanks for your feedback and feature request. I’ll be happy to pass this forward as a feature request on your behalf.


There is one workaround you could use that may help in your situation. If you use the device (phone, tablet etc) to add the account you would like to use from that device, the app will favour that account when playing music from that service.

For example: let’s say you want Amy’s iPhone to primarily play from Amy’s Apple Music account. You would need to remove that account from the system, and re-add it from Amy’s iPhone. This way the Sonos app on Amy’s iPhone will use Amy’s Apple Music account when playing music on Sonos, regardless of which player she wanted to listen on.


Let us know how you get on.