End of Software Support - Now CEO states will continue to support ???

  • 26 January 2020
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10 years ago I initially invested over £2500 in the so called Legacy:- 3 x Sonos Player 5’s, 3 x Connect Amps, 1 x Connect, 1 x Bridge and 2 x CR200 controllers. Further to this I have invested further into 3 x Player 3’s and 6 x Player 1’s and most recently 2 x Moves. The latter of which I have barely removed from the box, then the bombshell email arrives. Wow how to totally destroy a brand and it’s reputation in one short swipe. Totally gutted and disgusted with this marketing strategy.

As a loyal Sonos consumer and continuous promoter of the Sonos brand, I am left speechless by this announcement from Sonos.
Furthermore when I receive the email to upgrade, I acted swiftly and somewhat foolishly and have now ordered 3 x Player 5’s, and 2 x Amps and 1 x Port for a staggering £2500 with the 30% trade up discount applied. (My initial investment outlaid again in 10 years). Then I receive the next bombshell email stating that Sonos have made a mistake and that they listened!, and that they will now continue to bug fix legacy products as well as allow them to coexist with newer products. A bit frickin late now!.

All of my legacy products are now on a 21 day end of life countdown which will then place perfectly working and highly presentable products into landfill waste. Unbelievable.

Why had you not thought this through a little better, earlier and made an announcement to inform loyal Sonos consumers that the older legacy products would continue to receive future bug fixes etc., ensuring that they would still coexists with newer products and a 30% upgrade discount would also be available to be applied at any time in the future, allowing legacy owners to retain the original usable working products until end of life, but also upgrade to newer products over time. This would allow old to work with new, whilst also allowing the loyal Sonos user to slowly upgrade without having to take a massive hit with only 3 Months notice.

I now feel like I have been screwed twice and will seriously consider other wireless music options in the future. No more Sonos recommendations from me.

3 replies

@jms001 I agree; this is what the US military describes as a cluster….

Fill in the last four letters there in your mind, so forum rules are not violated.

In your place I would feel violated.

I have been promoting an additional thought to all you have voiced - Sonos should have left out that “send for recycling” precondition to the 30% discount. 

It is still not too late for them to do that; never mind the human nature driven furore that will follow from those that fell for that promotion. Overall it will be a bold change in stance that has a positive short and long term effect with no dollar cost implications for Sonos.

Let the customers that opt for the discount be free to either retain the existing units or sell them or gift them. The hardware life left in them cries out against sending them to a landfill in AD 2020, when the planet seems to be in distress.

What’s the cost to Sonos? Short term - some lost sales? Short, medium and long term benefit? Immense. It will prove to the world that the sustainable words on the site are not just words. It will also prove that when the Sonos USP for backward compatibility was really put to the test, it came through with flying colours.

Even if Sonos is unable to find what would be the perfect solution - allow legacy and modern units to live on the same system, with legacy products limited to movement to legacy date functionality. 

Even then the intangible benefit of a reputation preserved would be immense, paying off many times over for the short term loss of sales growth the promotion sought to achieve, by trying to make sure that the market for used legacy products is shut down. Clever, but short sighted.

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The same here; bought in 2014 … no more Sonos products for me!