Enable the Sonos Amp and Connect:Amp sub outputs for Music!

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In my Media Room, I just swapped out my Connect:Amp for an Amp. The most disappointing thing on both setups is that when configured as part of a surround system, the sub output is disabled. While I'm generally ok with this for the TV setup....When listening to music in "Full" mode - why disable the sub output?

This is more of a problem for me, since my Media room configuration started with just a Connect:Amp driving speakers + a sub. Now I've added a Beam...Which has effective rendering my sub useless if I want to use the original speakers as surrounds (which was my intent). The work-around for this is to constantly remove the surround setup when listening to music which is a horrible solution.

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To be clear, are you describing a configuration where the AMP is driving the surround (rear) speakers, or the front speakers?
Rear speakers. My setup has the AMP driving the rear speakers + a sub. While it's disappointing that Sub isn't available when watching TV....At a minimum, the system should allow the sub to be enabled when listening to music in FULL mode.


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