Dysfunctional spam filters

  • 26 June 2020
  • 3 replies

With Ryan and colleagues laid off, the spam filter issue is raising its nasty red head again, and I don't see anyone at home to attend to the posts filtered for no apparent reason. Every time he was reminded, Ryan at least rectified these **iotic “intelligent” actions.

Does Sonos have any plans to fix this new addition to a years old InSided problem?

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3 replies

While I don’t read every post, I have not seen any SPAM today. That does not mean much because the SPAM could have been removed before I signed-on. I’ve been out all day. I don’t know how many spam vigalantes are working for the Community.

I think that the SPAM filter has an anti India bias. I don’t know anything about the filter, but it could have time of day, origin IP address, “India”, and traffic components -- correlated with certain words or grammar that seem harmless to us.

I have an email account that will sometimes be blocked at the gateway when I attempt to send messages to someone with an account at 90% of the messages get through, but sometimes they’ll be bounced. The bounced reason given will be about too much traffic. I only have a handful of contacts that use, and I rarely send messages to them. It is possible that a blast of messages routed from the IP address of my provider’s email server to triggered some action. I suppose that a spammer is using your service to flood a server somewhere and you service’s IP address lands on someone’s temporary blacklist that insided uses in their police action.

That’s certainly an issue with all automated anti spam processes I’ve seen. They all seem to get the false positive issues rather frequently, certainly that was the case on other forum software I’ve used in the past.  I’d assume that’s what’s happening with inSided, but I don’t have any professional experience with inSided, so I don’t really know their system at all.