Double Credit Card Charge

In mid May I bought a Port to replace an older model and when my credit card statement came in they charged the correct amount but there was a second charge of $145 processed the same day.  It took me a number of phone calls to get to the right department and they said they changed their system and this has been happening and I would get my credit expedited.  It has now been 15 days and no credit and I am not getting a response from the person I was dealing with.  This is not the same company experience I used to get back in 2011 and I have a fairly large collection of Sonos equipment that may not grow in the future.  Very disappointed.

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Hi Tim: Exact same thing happened to me.  I contacted Sonos via e-mail and received the same reply that you did.  I am pleased to report, however, that I was in fact subsequently credited back for the second charge.  Let me know if I can be of further help.



I am dealing with this now.  I was charged twice for my Move and Roam, so not a small additional charge.  They charged once when the order was placed and then again when it was shipped (over 2 weeks later).  I have emailed and reached out via Twitter and Facebook.  I can’t get anybody on the phone, as hold times are over an hour.  I have received one response by email, which was the standard response that they would look into it and get back with me.  That wasn’t until about four days after notifying them.  A couple days after direct messaging through Twitter, they responded that they would look into it.  Subsequent requests for an update have gone unanswered over the past week.  

This is insane behavior from an established company that I have raved about for several years.  I understand mistakes happen, but to completely ignore customers is unacceptable.  Now, I have a tough decision to make, as I’m leaning towards returning the new products and possibly starting to transition out of Sonos altogether.  I really don’t want to, but I have lost faith in them and doubt that any future orders will be handled professionally.    

I returned a non-functional speaker over a month ago, got the email notification it arrived, UPS showed it arrived… and I waited for the refund. And waited. So then I started calling, sitting on hold 45-60 min only to be told “finance is handling it” twice. I emailed the CEO in frustration and clearly that email was forwarded to someone else who emailed me back saying “finance would handle it”. Today, I see that my account has been DEBITED AGAIN for the speaker - I’m not kidding - they charged me for it again. There is something very, very wrong at Sonos.

I bought the beam gen 2 bundle with 2 Ones. I was charge once for the bundle then charged 4 more times for random amounts. The first two transactions never went through, but the second two posted about a week ago. I opened a support ticket about month ago and they said they were going to give me a discount on my order, then did not, and that they would follow up via email about the charges. I have written them about 9 times on the email thread and have never received a response. I ended up having to flag two of the charges that went through as fraud.I will never buy anything from their website again.