Disappointed with SONOS ONE and Airplay 2 feature.

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I decided to replace the two SONOS PLAY Ones in my surround sound setup that use a Playbar with two Sonos Ones. I wanted the ability to stream directly to the surround sound system using Airplay 2 and my iPhone. While a SONOS One supports Airplay 2 when operating as individual speakers or paired speakers, they don't support Airplay 2 when paired with a SONOS Playbar. This is a major reason I replaced the speakers and I feel like SONOS misrepresented the SONOS ONE Airplay 2 feature. Please fix this SONOS.

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Hi, Normka. Thank you for the suggestion, apologies this was not clear. We will pass along this feedback for you. Do let us know if you need anything else. Many thanks.


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