• 4 August 2019
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I’ve sold so many Sonos products, your willingness to just stop service(s), support devices and move on is really resembling a money machine and no longer a great company with great devices I want to sell my clients.
on this iPhone does suck... but it doesn’t, here’s why.
people who aren't familiar with your product can play their music hassle free, I have plenty of older clients that use this because the app isn’t friendly for them.
also, there are plenty of clients I have that have personal recordings, live sets and works in progress that they use this feature for, heres the rub.
I HATE “on this iPhone” it’s terrible, it’s been flawed and the blame is 80% ios and 20% Sonos.
I am glad to see it go.... for new products that support AirPlay, 😎🥂 good on ya’ glad that happened.
Older products though... this is kinda asinine, especially since some of these products were sold less then a year ago, more over are still being sold.
Thanks for creating problems for me, my fellow industry pro’s and out clients. This is STUPID!
I suggest a compromise alternative, remove “on this iPhone” from all AirPlay compatible devices, fine, it’s better anyway.
However, if you can’t add AirPlay to older devices then you should continue to support “on this iPhone” for older devices that don’t support AirPlay, obviously with the statement that there may be issues with ios and resolving them may take some time, the service maybe interrupted for however long it takes for resolving. Which could be never if apple makes it that way.
Also, give people time to be prepared, a year minimum but I think at least two, since people have and still are purchasing products that do not support AirPlay.
Not that I have any power, like all of US professionals, but you sound just like Google, destroy and profit.
If you discontinue “on this iphone” for devices that don’t support AirPlay, I will not be selling any of my clients new Sonos devices to replace them.
This abrupt stop is ridiculous and bad practice for people to have continued faith in your products.

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2 replies

You haven't read the thread here, have you? It's Apple that made the change that forced this, not Sonos.
You haven't read the thread here, have you? It's Apple that made the change that forced this, not Sonos.
I saw nothing there stating it was impossible, I understand the difficulties with iOS devices, that said I didn’t feel like reading through 630+ comments would give me any definitive “its not sonos fault” their statement is this

“The way this feature was originally architected has become unreliable with newer versions of iOS”

That statement to me says, the way we made it work isn’t working well and we are refusing to spend the time and money to make it work...
ive been selling sonos products from the start, this isn’t new... like the remotes (which my customers loved) Sonos just dumped support one day abruptly and said “we are going a different direction” although they did create a run on the remaining inventories of sonos remotes....
airplay had been out since before “on this iPhone” and Sonos refused to adopt it until recently, who's fault is that? More so it was Sonos refusing to pay Apple more money hiding behind “we don’t think it’s a good fit”, I don't blame them and frankly Apples tactics most times are appalling.
what should be done is finding a solution and keeping customers happy, not dumping it and running for the hills.
maybe adopt some airport express device as a music service on the network, something people with limited tech abilities can do easily, AirPlay to that and select that as a music device on a sonos connect or any non-Airplay sonos product.
basically create a network AUX IN...
see what I am saying here is I think there are solutions to continue to support “on this iPhone” or atleast an alternative to it for none airplay sonos products.
id digress my initial statement if I see something explaining how it’s impossible and why, this far I havent.
ive been wrong in the past, still, their solutions thus far will make none of my clients happy. It’s convoluted and it makes the end user jump through a bunch of hoops.