Deactivation of my Sonos Speakers - Are you kidding?

  • 14 February 2020
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I received the email that Sonos was not going to support my speakers, so follow the link to see what 30% off on new speakers would be.  Still way to high for the same sound I can get with my original speakers.  Never completed the swap, but just got an update on my Sonos app that 4 of the speakers I would looking at to replace will be deactivated and not work any more in my home.  I called customer support to have them turn off the deactivation and they said, “sorry we can’t - we don’t have a delete key”.  Are you kidding? The CEO said they will support the older models and because I looked at a possible upgrade, they will not let me back out?  Something is way wrong on this one.

1 reply

Did you not see the multiple warnings that this process would be irreversible?