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Cortana isn't just on the Harmon and Kardon invoke speaker. It is also for Windows PC's, XBox's, iOS, and Android and window phones and hopefully Apple tvOS some day, to name a few platforms. Cortana isn't just a narrow speaker platform but the backbone of the windows eco system. Please consider adding it as a global Cortana Skill don't just limit your view to the one speaker. Thank you.

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Hi there, Jim Ferguson pv. Thanks for posting and sharing your idea. I am happy to forward this request along to the team. Thanks again for the feedback.
Amazon and Microsoft say that Cortana will soon be available via Alexa, which Sonos currently supports. So, stay tuned...
I would like to add my support for requesting that Cortana be supported. I have a Harmon-Kardon Invoke in two properties, each of which have multiple Sonos devices, including Sonos Controllers (which I wish were still produced, as it's much easier to use these dedicated devices than to use Phonos and Zonos my our mobile phones), Connects, Connect:Amps, Play 5, Bridge. I'm planning to stop using the Bose Lifestyle 35 and Lifestyle 48 in these locations (connected to Sonos) and replace with Sonos equivalents to make new smart TVs the central devices rather than the Bose systems. It would certainly be much more convenient to integrate the two Invokes into these systems.


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