Connecting to other people's sonos systems

  • 29 May 2020
  • 3 replies

Looking online, instructions suggests you open your sonos app while on their wifi system. Then just sign into your own account. Its doesn't seem to work. any one got any ideas for a novice at this 

3 replies

If you’re on their local wifi, you should be presented with a “connect to Sonos” screen, which then connects you to their system. What it doesn’t do is import all of the settings from your Sonos system to theirs, since that data is stored at the speaker level, and not on your controller.

I’ve got two, maybe three homes set up that my controller recognizes. Since I only have limited access to their Sonos systems, I can’t do setup functions, etc, but I can play music, either from the accounts they’ve set up on their Sonos, or using one of the radio stations from either Sonos or TuneIn. In order to add my own streaming account to their system, I would need to have them allow me to log on to their Sonos account, which then grants me access to add my streaming service to their Sonos system.  Which they will maintain access to after I go away, since again, the data is stored on the speakers, and not my controller. 

Thanks, that pretty much answers that. I can of course just use Airplay to stream my music, podcasts etc onto their speakers but was hoping to do it all thru sonos. No worries. Appreciate the feedback    

AirPlay 2 is a great option, if they have AirPlay 2 capable speakers.