Connectamp auto switching between music and TV

  • 14 April 2019
  • 1 reply

Have a TV in the kitchen with ceiling mounted speakers in breakfast booth across the the room. Would like to replace a cheap amp driving those speakers with an unused Connectamp. Simple installation but would like that unit to be part of a group playing music throughout the building when TV is off and auto switch to TV when it is on and vice versa. Expecting casual users, occasional users, or my wife to use a sonos controller to make those changes will never happen!!

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1 reply

This is a common application but it cannot be done with a Connect Amp because Sonos does not support auto switching back to the streaming program after the signal stops on line-in. I'm not sure why they don't but you can accomplish what you want by using a Connect plus an auto-switching amp. The TV or other local source goes on the priority input and will override the Sonos Connect whenever there is a signal from the TV or other local source. When the signal stops it switches back to the input that has the Connect on it and when both inputs are quiet it goes into standby,

The combination of Connect plus the separate amp costs a little less than a Connect Amp but that doesn't help you if you already have a spare Connect Amp that you are trying to utilize.