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Before the community existed in this form, Sonos had a website where feature requests had a separate status, and could be voted for. Some features introduced back then were based on popular demand. Now, requests are scattered across the community and receive the same (non-)reply every time. I think it would be good to have a separate place on these boards for feature requests, just like the "Ask a question" board. Adding a "me too" button or using the original "like" button, votes could be cast for a feature request.
It wouldn't necessarily change Sonos' policy on giving information on the status of development - the previous version of this system even had a "under consideration" and "rejected" status tag - but it would at least give some visibility to highly requested features.

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Hi Sjoop,

Thanks for your suggestion to include an 'ideation' board for feature requests. The reason we don't have one, is because it is nearly impossible to effectively manage expectations around feature and product requests. Something might get the most votes, however Sonos isn't going to do it for various reasons.
What we do instead is take note of all the requests, both the explicitly requested and the 'good ideas'. These are then brought forwards through various channels to the decision makers.
I agree that having a specific place to share all the cool ideas would be awesome, but as I explained above, it's not in the cards :)

All the best,
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Bedankt voor je antwoord!/Thanks for your reply! I kind of suspected this was the exact reason the previous iteration disappeared at one point, but it was worth a shot :)


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