CD's are in Atmos

  • 5 August 2022
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Has anyone else found that CD's played through a series x, hooked up to an HD Fury, show up as Dolby Atmos in the Sonos App? The sound profile is significantly altered compared to the just the uncompressed stereo through the same sett up. It sounds phenomenal when playing MJ or Witney CD's. Doesn't work so well when adding S1's, as the Arc's sound is alters for the worst. 

2 replies

The only inputs on a Sonos that can deal with any source of Atmos are the ARC/eARC inputs on the Beam, or the Arc. All other inputs on Sonos cannot receive that level of input.


eARC = Dolby Atmos uncompressed and MAT

ARC = Dolby Atmos compressed, via Dolby Digital Plus

Optical = Dolby Digital

Analog = Stereo

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When you set the audio setting on the Xbox to “Dolby Atmos for Home Theater”, I believe it converts ALL non-Atmos audio to “Dolby Atmos”. So what you are hearing when you play an audio CD is not really Dolby Atmos audio.