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edit: Ignore "Beta" in the title of this post. Soon after posting this message I discovered it's not just access to the Beta, it is affecting any attempt to login to

I have been trying to login the sonos website for the last couple of hours but it just keeps asking for email address and password. Initially it looks like I'm logged in but trying to access "account" or "beta" just re-displays the request for email address and password.
Anyone else having similar issues?

edit: I've just tried resetting my password. I received the password reset email, took the supplied link and typed in a new password. It made no difference. Any attempt to login is still just met with a request to enter email address and password. No error messages.

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Panic over. It seems that my Chrome browser was to blame. I tried using Firefox instead and that allowed me to login okay. I then tried closing my Chrome browser and restarting it and the login problem went away.
Maybe it's time to clear Chrome's browser history. :)


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