can you introduce a podcast mode?

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Its more of a suggestion Feedback. Would be great to have a EQ mode which voice enhances Podcast.


I would imagine it to work very similar to the „voice enhancement“ button for the tv. Just for all the speaker, similar effect, as podcasts can lack that clarity sometime or are to bass heavy.

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So some sort of “auto-equalize” function? Would all podcasts receive the same alteration, or would it need to constantly be running a check to see what it needs? And, who determines what the appropriate alterations are? And you’re suggesting a button/switch, just like the voice enhancement on the sound bars?

It’s an interesting idea, to be sure. Just want to be sure that when the Sonos moderators present it to the engineers as a request/suggestion, there’s some sort of testable completion criteria. And I’m not smart enough to know what it is. 

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Hi @ejules 

Thanks for your feedback - this topic has been tagged and will be passed on to the relevant team for consideration.