Can't connect to Sonos since updating to MacOS Mojave 10.14.4

  • 27 April 2019
  • 5 replies

Can anyone offer suggestions to restore Sonos speaker connectivity with MacOS? I have been unable to use Sonos since updating to Mojave 10.14.4

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5 replies

It's unlikely that both networks are running on 2.4Ghz, but not impossible.

Wired setups are in my mind preferable, it's the way that Sonos was originally designed. They only went full "wireless" later on, probably due to marketing pressure. If you can leave your speaker wired, I'd do it. If you can't, no worries. Sonos does have 24/7 support via both Facebook and Twitter. You can see more information here. While generally the phone people have a few more tools, since they can remote into your system and look directly at things, I think the other forms of support would be fine as well

Before you contact them, I'd recommend that you submit a system diagnostic as there would likely be information in it that they could look at to help identify more specifically what's going on than I can in a forum.

Good luck!
Hi Bruce,
I only have the one Sonos speaker. There is no ethernet port on my mac so that is out of the solution equation for now. Seems I have a dual 2.4GHz and 5 GHz modem router. I have been reading up on wired and wireless setups here:

I have reset the modem, reset the Sonos controller and still the speaker only works when connected to modem by the ethernet cable. I can see there are 2 active LANs but I don't know how to check if they are both running on 2.4Ghz (if that's even what I am meant to be doing!). Thanks for your support! If you can't think of anything else to try I can just put up with it for today and call the support line during business hours. M
Great, at least we're halfway there.

Now, to get the speakers to connect to the wifi again. First, is there any chance that your router is only broadcasting a 5Ghz signal? Sonos requires a 2.4Ghz signal (802.11 b/g/n) in order to connect. I'm wondering if when you updated your Mac's OS, maybe you also updated your router's wifi signal? Or maybe changed the SSID and password?

You should double check in the controller, and go back in and reset your wifi information, at the very least. Once you've done that, you can then disconnect the ethernet cable to your speaker (and computer, also). If you then lose contact with the speaker, then it's a pretty good bet that either your wifi is on 5Ghz only, and not 2.4Ghz, or the radio antenna on the Sonos is broken (I'd put this as a less than 1% chance, but it is possible).

What Sonos devices do you actually have?
Thanks Bruce, I am very grateful to have some music again but the issue is now Sonos isn't working with the wifi. The Sonos speaker is only working when the ethernet cord is plugged in to modem. Reading your reply above, I connected the Sonos speaker directly to the modem using an ethernet cable, the system recognised the speaker and ran an update. It reinstalled the controller. Monique
If I were to guess, I'd say that your Mac isn't connected to the same network that your speakers are connected to. I've got 3 Macs, all of them are working just fine.

Try connecting your Mac to your router with an ethernet cable, and then wire one of the speakers also to the router with an ethernet cable. If your Sonos speakers show up, then you would indeed have some issue where the Mac is on a separate subnet than the speakers.

There's no real reason why you can't delete the app from the Mac, and reinstall. All of your "data" for Sonos is stored on the speakers, not on the controller app. Just be sure, when you reinstall it, to "connect to existing system" when given the option.