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  • 7 January 2019
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Before buying my Play 5 I was in conversation with a representative from 'Sonos Chat' One of my questions was "If I find one cheaper will you price match"? Categorically Yes was typed by the representative. Amazon are selling UK plugged Play5 for £449.00

Recently another representative from Sonos chat said they DO NOT price match and whoever said that should not have said it!

I'm already over it but just wanted to post in case some of you think .......


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4 replies

From what I've seen over the past couple years, Sonos does allow retailers to discount their products, all sales are manufacturers sales. In other words, if it's on sale for $450, then it's $450 on the Sonos website and every other retailer. So with that in mind, the first Sonos rep is technically wrong, but effectively correct if the price for Sonos speakers are the same everywhere.

So given that, I'm really surprised to see the discount on Amazon, without some sort of gift card thrown in to get around the manufacturer sale rule. Amazon has made pricing mistakes before, sometimes posting sales prices before they were suppossed be posted for example, that could be the reason. However, I see there are independent sub-sellers with the same pricing, so maybe not.
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I haven't been tracking this for long (or at all), but in my local market some Sonos products are cheaper from major local retailers, and the local Amazon entity. It is definitely not a mistake, or fire-sale from small shop, or some such occurrence.

I've also been informed from a higher Sonos source that Sonos do NOT P-M as a policy.

Of course this wouldn't stop some employees from offering certain discounts. As a company with generous margins and growth targets, there's probably some wiggle room for such actions.
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I see pretty good prices at Costco and at the Army / Airforce Exchange if you can shop at either, stock and variety are usually limited though.
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I've been on these forums for 5 years and never a single hint that Sonos would or has ever price matched. To me it wouldn't make sense when combined with their very generous no quibble return guarantee.