Advice: not work with DHL as transportation provider

  • 21 February 2019
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It's incredible that paying for a premium product you get a cheap and bad service in the delivery.
What a irritating and unpleasant experience.

DHL service:
1st attemp of delivery: they claim that they tried to deliver the package, and that they find nobody at home. At that time the concierge was in the portal, with the outside doors open. Therefore, it's difficult not to see whether someone came. The concierge said that nobody came at the time DHL mention (nor even in the time frame).
2nd attemp of delivey, the day after: I stayed at home the entire day. At 18:30 a message in their tracking system appear: tried to deliver at 16:33, nobody at home. !!! What a joke!?!?!?
They don't even try to call by phone to check...

I called the customer service. They will "try" to dispatch the package as soon as they can...
What a disgusting experience.

I really expected a premium experience when I buy a premium product (or I am wrong???).

Have any of you suffered the same or similar experience?

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4 replies

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Hi, gulopez. Welcome to the community and apologies for this negative experience with DHL. I do not often see negative feedback concerning them and personally, I've never had an issue with them in my area.

I will be sure to forward this feedback for you. In the meantime, I would suggest working with DHL customer service to ensure your goods are still delivered. Do let us know if you need anything else.
Edward, thanks for the answer. I talked with them. Let's see if they deliver today.
I usually buy online, and DHL delivery service has been the worst I've met by far.
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You're most welcome. I've gone through long periods of time without issue with certain carriers, only to be disappointed by a comedy of errors. It certainly has made me hesitant to deal with them again, so I fully understand where you're coming from. DHL are one of the very few that have not let me down, though this can vary massively per area, of course. If you continue to have issues with DHL, please do let us know. If it arrives today, it would be great to hear about that!
Sure 🙂